Welcome to my Codename One portfolio!

This is still work in progress, more updates soon.

Update: April 10th 2019, just finished Bodwell Private High School app in codenameone, check it out here 


Hello guys. I have been a mobile freelancer for over 10 years, and I believe Codename One is the only existing silver bullet which delivers native applications. It is a wonderful technology, please see my portfolio here – COMING SOON- sorry this portfolio is not yet done please see my Android portfolio here for now.  In particular here are two great apps I have made in CN1: Raffler, Sasol.

I will add at least 10 codename one apps will here within a few months! Im working very hard to make them perfect. And I adore CN1.

UPDATE: Until I make this page lovely and slick you will have to make do with 2 screenshots of a new app just released on google play. Stay tuned, I have much to add here, I have just been mega busy.matchday1 matchday2